Julia Huynh


Julia Huynh

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Julia Huynh is currently a graduate candidate in the Film + Photography Preservation and Collections Management Program at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. She recently completed a summer internship at the Southeast Asian Digital Archive (SEADA) in Lowell, MA and continues to work remotely as their Digital Media Consultant performing metadata quality control checks and creating finding aids.  In January 2019, she will begin her six month residency placement at the Orange County and Southeast Asian Archive Center (OC & SEAA) at the University of California Irvine. While there, Huynh will develop her thesis to explore how Vietnamese diasporic image-making can address issues of resettlement and self representation.

As a practicing interdisciplinary artist, Huynh investigates the Vietnamese diaspora by revisiting and reinterpreting her own family’s photographs and home videos. Recent exhibitions and screenings include Cultural Crossroads at Aurora Picture Show (Houston, TX), Been Here So Long at Reel Asian International Film Festival (Toronto, ON) and Photophobia: Contemporary Moving Images Festival at the Art Gallery of Hamilton (Hamilton, ON). To see her artwork, please visit juliahuynh.com




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